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Tommy’s Paint Company

Lic #921396


A little about myself

     I started Tommy’s Paint Company over eleven years ago.  I fell into the construction business while I was going to college at a fairly young age.  While I worked in all facets of construction building homes from the ground up, I always enjoyed every opportunity I got to paint.  Growing up from a young age I always played music and enjoyed art so naturally painting satisfied that artistic side of me.  I started painting professionally over 20 years ago and was truly lucky to have a very close friend who was a master journeyman painter and worked for a union paint outfit.  He taught me everything he knew and helped me to develop my professional skills.  I’m blessed to be able to do something that I truly love. Painting gives me the opportunity to make every project completed a piece of art that I take pride in.  

     I love my business and what I do, but I do love something more than my work.  I’m very blessed to have a beautiful family and they give me the motivation everyday to step outside any give 100% to my profession.  My beautiful wife Jamie and my three sons, Micah, Lincoln, and Winston are the apple of my eye.  We are also a family of faith and I give all the credit of my business and family over to blessings I’ve been allowed to steward from God.  

A little about our crew

     I’ve been extremely fortunate to have an outstanding crew year after year.  What makes my crew special is the fact that my stepbrothers are my two main foremen, so family pride is on every job we do.  I’m also very selective with who I bring onto the crew.   In this market it’s hard to find good help so that’s why I take my time and only hire truly talented trustworthy individuals.  I hire mostly local men from the mountain and foothill area.  On our crew we have a talented group with over forty years of combined experience.

Our business statement

     Since the inception of Tommy’s Paint Company the goal has never been to be the biggest just the best. Work hard and be honest has always been my motto.  I know in this competitive market you have lots of choices.  But by choosing Tommy’s Paint Company you are choosing to start a relationship. I thank you for the opportunity to bid on your project and hopefully build a relationship with you.


God Bless

Tommy Vlahavas (Owner Tommy’s Paint Company)


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